Look At The System


We're in the state we're in because we don't look at the basics.

We flounder around with contrary ideas on:

Jobs - Public Services - Support - Security - Climate Change

Taxes - Income - Wealth - Poverty - Benefits

Fairness - Equality - Opportunity - Dignity

Identities - Nationalism - Racism and more

because we take for granted the system

of organisations and relationships -

Nations - Politics - Politicians - Media

The Economy - Trade - Free Markets - Business

Business People - Employers - Work - Workers - Class

 that underlies it all.

Look At The System,

by Ed McDonnell explains it, from our everyday experience

and in our everyday language. It will give you and others

a base from which to think about and discuss the various issues.

To help you in doing that, here’s the first free download:

How To Talk Politics.pdf



These works cover the enduring basic relationships.

A short paper, below, covers Brexit.

Briefly – ‘It’s no good just blaming foreigners’.


Free Key Downloads: (click on the red .pdf links) 

Read this at least  A Ten Minute Read.pdf         v.2019.43a

... a basic framework for thinking and talking about politics.

(replaces Two & Five Page Reads April 2019)


The whole book -

Look At The System.pdf ... optimised for e-reading

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Short, Free, Taster downloads (all included in the book)

A Twenty Page Read.pdf

One-page Summary Charts:

Basic Politics.pdf     ... how we relate in politics

The Right To Organise.pdf  … people’s right to organize as workers

Its Your Money Not Theirs.pdf   … they don’t earn all that wealth

Brief Papers:

Just Politics and Law.pdf  … that’s all nations are, really

The Muddle Class.pdf  … there is no ‘middle’ class

Labour Fit To Govern.pdf  ...  tax, spending and competence myths

To Brexit, Trump and Populist Voters.pdf  … blame the business class, not ‘outsiders’

An Extract from the full book:

Download The Right To Organise In Unions.pdf  144 pages, v. 2019.1

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(dedicated website  www.therighttoorganise.com )


Author - Ed McDonnell, political and union activist for fifty years,

retired Lecturer in Trade Union Education.

Review- The late Tony Benn, socialist politician -

‘a great book to explain the essentials and I hope is widely read’


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