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 About basic politics, by Ed McDonnell

A bit about the free downloads below:

People take the basics  -  how  we all relate to

each other in  'the System', in Business, Jobs

and Politics  -  for granted.  They see it as just

how society is.

This obscures  the fact that politicians  don't

run our world. Business people do. In and as

businesses, they organise and act together,

and control trade, work, and the economy.

They are a class and represent themselves

in politics with conservative parties, press

and broadcast media.

We - the great majority, 'ordinary' people -

let them dominate us, ideologically and practically.

We are badly under-organised and represent

ourselves  weakly  in  work  and  in  politics.

We exaggerate insubstantial 'identities' when

we should base our politics on the basics -

how  people  actually  relate  to  each  other

in Business, Trade, 'the Economy' and Jobs.

Tackling the issues - Security, Fairness,

Equality,  Opportunity,  Income,  Wealth,

Poverty,  Taxes  and  Public Services,

Climate Change, Benefits, and the rest,

is easier when you understand the basics.

Look At The System explains them, relating it all

to everyday experience, in everyday language.

How To Talk Politics With Each Other.pdf

the first free download, will help you

discuss all this with other people.



These works cover the persisting

basic relationships, not current issues.

But a short paper, below, covers Brexit.

Briefly –

‘It’s no good just blaming foreigners’.


Two Key Free Downloads:

(click on the red .pdf links)

1. A Ten Minute Read.pdf   v.2019.44

    Read at least this basic framework for

    thinking and talking about politics.

2. Look At The System.pdf  v.2019.6

    The whole book, optimised for e-reading.

    You can buy it printed and posted,

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Short, also Free, Taster downloads

(all included in the book)

A Twenty Page Read.pdf

Basic Politics.pdf    

... a chart showing

    how we relate in politics

The Right To Organise.pdf 

… a chart showing people’s right

     to organize as workers

It's Your Money Not Theirs.pdf 

 … a chart showing how

      we make all that wealth

Just Politics and Law.pdf 

… that’s all nations are

The Muddle Class.pdf  

… there is no ‘middle’ class

Labour Fit To Govern.pdf 

...  tax, spending and competence myths

To Brexit, Trump and Populist Voters.pdf 

… blame the business class,

     not ‘outsiders’

The Right To Organise In Unions.pdf 

An extract from the full book

144 pages, v. 2019.4

Buy it from Lulu by print-on-demand,

£3.99 plus postage,


(its own website is

  www.therighttoorganise.com )


Author - Ed McDonnell, active in politics

and union organisation for fifty years,

retired Lecturer in Trade Union Education.

Review - the late Tony Benn,

     socialist politician -

      ‘a great book to explain the essentials

         and I hope is widely read’


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