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Writings about basic politics by Ed McDonnell

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>    The problem with politics is that people

 neglect the fundamental issue - how we

 relate to each other in Business,

 Work, and Politics itself - 'the system'.

>   You can't understand politics without

looking at the system it is based on.

>   People don't look at it - they take it for

granted, accept it as just 'how things are'.

>   So they don't notice that business people run

the world more than politics and politicians do.

>   Business people run the world by organising

most of the production and sale of goods

and services, and our jobs - the economy.

>   They do it by organising together and

 acting together, daily, as businesses.

>   In politics, they promote their interests

by running conservative media - print,

broadcast and digital - and by organising

conservative parties.

>   They are a class - the Business Class.

>   We 'ordinary' people, the great majority,

most of us workers, the worker class,

don't organise and act together like

the business class do.

>   So we represent ourselves weakly

 in the system.

>   We let the business class dominate us,

 every day at work, in political debate

 in the media, and in politics.

>   Many find politics confusing because

we don't look at these basics.

>   When we should base politics on how

people actually  relate  to each other

in Business, Jobs and the Economy,

we exaggerate shallow 'identities'.

>   So workers take confused political attitudes

and actions that regularly allow the hostile

conservative  minority  into  government.

>   Political issues - Fairness, Security, Equality

for  Workers  with  Employers,  Gender  and

Race Equality, Income, Wealth, Taxes, Public

Services,  Poverty,  Climate Crisis,  Housing,

Benefits;  and the differing  Political parties

and your Voting Options, are easier to make

sense of when you understand the basics.

Look At The System explains them,

clearly, using everyday language

and relating them to your

everyday experience.


These writings explain the basic system, not current

issues. But a short paper, below, covers Brexit.

Briefly – ‘Just blaming foreigners won't work’.


The Free Downloads and Links

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How To Talk Politics With Each Other.pdf

 .... will help you to discuss politics

       with other people.

        In large font to read on smartphones.


Two Key Downloads:

At least read the Ten Minute Read,

a basic framework for politics.

1. A Ten Minute Read.pdf   v.2019.47

         In large font to read on smartphones.

    A Ten Minute Read In Standard Font

2. Look At The System.pdf  v.2019.7A

        The whole book

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Short, taster downloads

       (in large font to read on smartphones)

    (for printing use the copies in the full book)


... employers' organisation - business

   people  organised as  businesses,

   and public bodies - is recognised

   in workplaces, as well as outside.

   We need the right for worker's

   organisation to be recognised

   in workplaces too.

Labour And The UK Election 

... in work. For now see 'Worker To Worker

   On Brexit, Trump and Populism', below.

The Muddle Class.pdf  

… there is no ‘middle’ class

Just Politics and Law.pdf 

… that’s all nations are

Labour Is Fit To Govern.pdf 

... the myths about competence, spending and tax

Worker To Worker On Brexit, Trump and Populism.pdf 

… blame the business class, not ‘outsiders’

What Will It Be Like?

... if people do as these writings urge

One-page Summary Charts

Basic Politics.pdf    

... how we relate in politics

The Right To Organise.pdf 

… people’s right to organize as workers

It's Your Money Not Theirs.pdf 

 … how we make all that wealth


The Right To Organise In Unions.pdf 

An extract from the full book

144 pages, v. 2019.4A

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Author -  Ed McDonnell,  retired  Lecturer in

Trade Union Education and active in politics

and worker's organisation for fifty years.

Review - the late Tony Benn,

     socialist politician -

      ‘a great book to explain the essentials

         and I hope is widely read’


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