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Look At The System

Titled ‘You, Politics and Work’ until late November 2018


Short papers and a book to download free,

or to buy online from here, printed.

What System?

The Political System, the Economy, the Business System;

Income, Jobs, Work, Public Services, Wealth, Poverty.


‘Look At The System’ will help you

make more sense of politics and work.

Uniquely, it identifies and explains the basic problems –

that business people are organised at work and in politics

and the rest, mostly workers, are mostly not;

that employers overpower each person at work

because they have many others;

that this entitles people to organise at work too;

And that they need to, in work and in politics.


It will help you to talk to others about

politics and work, which we need to do.

Here’s a download on that -

How To Talk Politics.pdf


These writings explain the system,

from the everyday experience of

the ordinary working person.

They explain our public relationships

 and how to make them fairer.


Download and read this, at least - 

A Two-page Read.pdf  .... in a nutshell

Download the whole book free here -

Look At The System.pdf .... a thorough look

Or buy it, printed and posted, £6.99 plus postage,

from Lulu,  

(You don’t commit to buy until you get to Lulu and do the usual things)


Below, short free taster downloads (all included in the main book)

Click on the red .pdf links - 

A Quick Read.pdf    just 20 pages

One-page Summary Charts:

Basic Politics.pdf     ... how we relate politically

The Right To Organise.pdf  … people’s right to organize as workers

Its Your Money Not Theirs.pdf   … they don’t deserve all that wealth

Brief Papers:

Just Politics and Law.pdf  … that’s all nations are, really

The Muddle Class.pdf  … there is no ‘middle’ class

Labour Is Fit To Govern.pdf  ... refuting spending and competence myths

To Brexit, Trump and Populist Voters.pdf  blame the business class

An Extract from the full book:

The Right To Organise In Unions.pdf  144 pages, v. 2018.9

Buy this from Lulu by print-on-demand, £3.99 plus postage, 

 (Dedicated website )


Author - Ed McDonnell, political and union activist for fifty years,

   retired Senior Lecturer in Trade Union Education.

The late Tony Benn -

a great book to explain the essentials and I hope is widely read’


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